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Custom Applications

Be it big, small, easy, hard, mobile, desktop or whatever! We're here to help you get the best of the best!


Everyone needs one! We can create the perfect personalized website just for you!


Pew Pew! We have years of experience making mobile, pc, and console games! Let us know how we can make your next MMORPG a reality!

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Great Lakes Remediation


Kipfmiller's Produce





Here's our life story!

We're an all purpose coding company that started out making little hobby mini games for fun! Matt has gone through various web application development jobs and Lance did his fair share of JS tool development and Graphics/Engine software development. They both work on video games on the side and dabbling in art. Together, they take the form of Fuzzi Studio! We're known for our awesome cooperation with teams in matters of web and game development in fast paced environments!

The Make Happeners!

The people who do the work!

Matthew Willard

CEO, Projammer, Music Dude

Lance Sepanak

CTO, Logic Maker (Programmer), Team Babysitter

David Bautista

Art Dude, Make Prettier guy

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